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Enterprise-level IT strategy and management services that help your small business compete in the Toronto market

With technology being at the heart of your business operations, it’s important that you always make the right IT decisions. Whether your company is switching from desktops to laptops or transitioning fully to the cloud, your new innovation must support your long-term needs if you want maximum ROI. It also has to be implemented properly to minimize potential downtime and maintenance fees. The easiest, most resource-efficient way to achieve this is to partner with an IT consulting Toronto firm like HLB System Solutions. Our IT firm will learn your goals and tailor a strategic plan with recommended IT solutions that meet your functional and budgetary needs. Upon your approval, we’ll handle your IT project from start to finish, all while keeping you updated throughout the entire process. As you focus on increasing your share of the Toronto market, HLB System Solutions will keep your technologies secure and up to date, so nothing gets in the way of your success.


IT Consulting services from HLB System Solutions provides:

  • Strategic, practical technology advice – so your IT investments deliver maximum ROI as you expand
  • Hassle-free vendor management – our business partnerships mean you get enterprise-grade IT solutions at the best prices
  • Expert implementation – our skilled IT consultants will configure everything right the first time to save you from future performance issues
  • End-to-end project management – we can guide you through documentation and compliance processes to relieve your teams of demanding tasks
  • Ongoing support – we’ll keep your technologies up to date and optimized so you can focus your resources on growth

Frequently Asked Questions

IT Consulting services are meant to improve an existing IT network through a series of projects or processes. IT consultants are expert advisors that observe your business technology and provide a blueprint for leveraging your technology optimally in the short-term and the long-term.
IT project management is a key role that all our consultants take on and we can do this for any of the IT projects that we recommend. A co-managed project is also possible and we can work within your management structure as well.
IT projects need clear objectives and a detailed understanding of common risks and obstacles that are likely to occur. We need to estimate our desired objectives and outcomes based on the specifications of each project by gathering as much information as possible. Risk and uncertainty need to be accounted for and we must prepare for these in advance. Strategy consulting is based on estimating into the future and this applies to projects as well.
IT project managers need to be certified for the projects they are going to carry out as it qualifies them to lead a team. Previous experience and proven project results need to be taken into consideration because consulting services and their costs are defined by the experience and skills of the personnel involved.
Yes, we can work closely with your team and share responsibilities to get the project done. As a consulting company, we are here to assist you and give you the complementary skills you need to complete even the most complex IT projects.
Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to scale their small business up but they can’t do this without investing heavily in technology. Without the right technology, many companies are not going to reach their full potential, but investing too much in IT that won’t help your business right away is wasteful and will only hurt your bottom line. A long-term IT strategy will provide you with a clear blueprint for your business and give you a target for projected investments in the future.

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