Email & Spam Protection

Defense against phishing scams, malware attachments, and more

Fast, flexible communications with no risk exposure

Your email is a storehouse of personal data — which makes it a sought-after target of spam, virus and phishing attacks, and other cyberthreats. A lot of small businesses are unaware of just what the risks are, or that they are subject to the same legal and compliance requirements as large businesses when it comes to customer data security.

While the benefits of email are undeniable, if you are not adequately protected you’re leaving yourself and your business vulnerable to online attacks — a fate nearly half of all businesses never come back from — and legal exposure. With Email & Spam Protection from HLB System Solutions, you get low-risk, reliable email service.

HLB System Solutions’s Email & Spam Protection gives you:
  • Improved email access – flexible search options, attachments, message archiving, and more
  • Refined business processes – pressure taken off your server by offloading storage to the cloud
  • Ensured security – online threat prevention and business safeguards
  • Simplified systems – complete email indexing and easy data access

Work with Ease

We are thoroughly pleased with the switch over

"Everything is running so much smoother now.  It is quite nice to have the support needed and no errors occurring in the office- makes our work day so much easier!"