Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery

Disaster Planning, Prevention, and Protection

All of your systems will be backed up and safe against disasters, with a continuity plan already in place

To be in business today is to rely on data: your schedules, your order logs, your customer info, your marketing material — it’s all made from bits of data. And since storms, floods, and fires are as threatening to daily operations as cybersecurity exploits, you need a comprehensive and multilayered plan that does more than protect your data: you need one that keeps you on your feet through breach or storm.

HLB System Solutions’ Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery service provides small- and medium-sized businesses in Ontario with a clear plan that dramatically minimizes downtime in the wake of disaster. For you, it means your data will be properly stored, your systems will be safe from cyberthreats, and your operations will come back to life quickly.

With HLB System Solutions’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plan, you can expect:
  • Round-the-clock monitoring for data loss events
  • Super-secure cloud backups for easy recovery
  • Business impact analyses (BIA) to evaluate the urgency of downtime
  • Recovery time objectives (RTO) to determine your optimum recovery technology
  • Clearly outlined procedures so employees know what to do to help during recovery




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